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The most popular storage product. Integrates with metal shelves to provide an efficient and inexpensive storage solution.

Blue Trays_Duplex_1-2-3-4.png
32819148_size 1 .jpg

Picking Bin Numer 1

Partition for Storage Number 1

Picking Bin Numer 2

32819248_Drawer _size 2 .jpg

Partition for Storage Number 2

Picking Bin Numer 3

Drawer _size 3.JPG

Picking Bin Numer 4

Drawer _size 4.JPG

Variety of sizes. Can be laid on shelves or stacked


Dividers for HIPS hard plastic cartridge


The cartridges are made of polypropylene (PP) material, the material is flexible and unbreakable and of excellent quality


The storerooms make it possible to create order in the warehouse and separate the products and items stored.


The form of storage is ideal for any purpose: for industry, commerce, medicine and home use.

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