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Pegasus Customer interview in Marvell

Some of our customers

Marvell in information technology industry, using our AluLine system in full system in they lab.

Marvell bought durable storage solution for expensive equipment and professional look of the laboratory, they answered their system requirements and they enjoy true order and organisation of the laboratory.

Endochoice in medical equipment industry choose to store their spare parts in our AluLine system.

AluLine system with telescopic rails and a basket distribution system, allowing them to exploit and properly organise the warehouse. The shelving also includes the hollowing of a work station with two rows of 30X40 baskets for a more accessible work environment

Frutarom in food industry using our

RACKS system

In an entire room,

from floor to ceiling for maximum utilisation of proper storage, a rails system with rails

Oz Cosmetics in cosmetics industry using our HERCULES system

System with full Telescopic slides baskets and Dividers for maximising storage space and organising a large inventory of small products

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