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Modular ISO Storage

Elegant, highly esthetic

and quality aluminum solution

System Highlights:

  • Complete modularity on the same system

  • Available heights: 210cm / 82.7”

  • Quick “click in” assembly​


  • Enclosed on 3 sides

  • Elegant look

  • A variety of labels and color coding accessories

Aluline Gndola with Tilt-Bin-G1/G2

4 Sliding Walls + BINS


A storage system based on multi-compartments of different sizes and combining fixed and portable racks.
The system allows for more storage space
Per square meter with a saving of about 50% in storage space.
The transparent multi-cell cells allow inventory control, convenient and efficient access for quick detection
Of the items.

Can be combined in a system of Tilt bin sets in sizes 4,5,6.

Maximum load on the hanger 130 kg.

62.5x220x127 cm


System dimensions:

Modular customisable system:



Product data sheet

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